Our Artists

Personal Records is an all inclusive label hoping to release music by anybody with their heart in their music. Personal Records is for people who care, who love, who go on adventures, who like cereal, and who love music with a deep passion.

It all started with these two:

Miles Nighthawk - Twee/Folk - Greensboro, NC

Arte Povera - Noise/Folk/Ambient - Boone, NC

Along the way, we’ve been trying to release our friends musics. These are our close friends who make up the rest of the Personal Records family:

Bee Honey - Ambient/Folk/Psychedlic - Michigan

The Delta Function - Indie/Folk/Twee - Roanoke, VA

Nobles - Indie/Surf/Math - Roanoke, VA

Lost Trail - Ambient/Drone - Hillsborough, NC

The Diana Situation - Post-Rock - Roanoke, VA