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The Family Expands: The Delta Function

We have a new artist! The Roanoke, VA group The Delta Function

The Delta Function consists of Emily and Marilyn who have been best friends and making music for a long long time. They make awesome cute twee folk music similar to Tegan And Sara, The Dodos, Beat Happening, and Belle And Sebastian. Look for news, releases, and shows from these wonderful musiciennes.

check out for some great songs!

Emily And Marilyn of The Delta Function

Emily And Marilyn of The Delta Function

New Artist Announced - Nobles - Roanoke, VA

We are very excited to announce the newest introduction to the Personal Records family! Nobles out of Roanoke, VA are a great group of young dudes making some original sounds. I’d bill them as something between American Football and Wavves/Best Coast. They’ll tell you it’s somewhere between Do Make Say Think and Mogwai to Interpol and Bloc Party. All you need to know is that these guys do it well and have fun with it. Lots of energy and one of the best young drummers I’ve ever seen. Watch out for these guys.

We’re also excited to have our first traditional “band” on the label. Every other artist being one or two people predominately. We’re talking right now about releasing a nice looking demo for these guys and more and more in the future.

Check these guys out at or at a local Roanoke, VA show near you.

Nobles started in the late spring of 2010, with Conner, Daniel, and Riley fooling around on their most familiar instruments in Conner’s basement. After writing several songs and developing somewhat of a decent sound, they brought Ryan in on keyboard to try and bring more melody and sound into the band. Shortly after, they recorded their first 3-track demo, although they did not have a band name yet, and distributed it to friends and whoever wanted one. After writing more songs and finally settling on the band name ’Nobles’, they played their first show at The Water Heater in early summer 2010. They then went on a short summer hiatus for about a month while several members were on vacation, and returned in August to continue their music. Andy then joined the band to fill out the sound on guitar, giving them more sound and ability to make more noise. They hope to start playing shows again and blowing peoples minds. For anyone who likes artists anywhere from Do Make Say Think and Mogwai to Interpol and Bloc Party, check out their music on