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The Family Expands: The Delta Function

We have a new artist! The Roanoke, VA group The Delta Function

The Delta Function consists of Emily and Marilyn who have been best friends and making music for a long long time. They make awesome cute twee folk music similar to Tegan And Sara, The Dodos, Beat Happening, and Belle And Sebastian. Look for news, releases, and shows from these wonderful musiciennes.

check out for some great songs!

Emily And Marilyn of The Delta Function

Emily And Marilyn of The Delta Function

Old School

Wow, now this IS old school. This is an old project of ours that played at The Water Heater once and then stopped. It was called Rochester Scrabble Club and it totally ruled. Probably the best twee post-folk band ever. Not really.

These are two of my best friends in the whole world. Becca on the snare there has since gone on to art school in Chicago to take the art world by storm, which I have no doubt whatsoever that she will. Eric on bass there now goes to George Mason and has a fledgling music project that is for now called Bearded Sister.

Then there’s me there. oh jeez.

But ultimately, I’d really love to re-record these songs and make a small run on Personal Records. Because they sure were awesome, at least I get all nostalgic when I hear them. Hmmmmm

Show soon!

Show soon!